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October 2020 | Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Gothenburg University

Executive MBA Class - Organisational Culture & Structure

"A Conceptual Framework Toward The Suppression of Organisational Subcultures"


October 2020 | Melbourne VIC, AUSTRALIA

Aventedge - Organisational Culture Masterclass

"How well do you understand your organisational culture?"


My presentation focuses on the complexities surrounding research paradigms of organisational cultures, examining what leaders tend to find concerning their organisation’s culture – and what they miss – when choosing questionnaires over sounder methods of cultural analysis.


Research paradigms in the study of organisational culture have evolved significantly since the 1980s. To this day, research consultants who proclaim themselves "culture experts" typically view organisational culture from the top down, that is, from the perspective of senior leadership, in an attempt to control culture explicitly and implicitly. Functionalist and integrationist literature can be found in journals and in leading business magazines such as the Harvard Business Review. Problematically, the emphasis placed on seeking organisational consensus through developing strong corporate ideologies (espousing values and behaviours that seemingly represent "excellence") may lead to the suppression of valuable workplace subcultures. Such subcultures offer enormous opportunities for organisations. The suppression of organisational subcultures is more prominent in some industry sectors than others. 


Research from the top down, through its very design, suppresses important and often vital viewpoints within organisations. However, participant observation, which is the anthropologist's approach to analysing systems of cultural meaning, brings to the surface rich, often valuable, perspectives that could hold the key to transforming unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviours demonstrated by the dominant coalition within the organisation. From this perspective, those who suppress organisational subcultures may compromise their value. Even deviant subcultures offer extraordinary revelations about implicit cultural meanings within organisations. Implicit cultural knowledge – tacit insights and meanings that sit below the threshold of consciousness – can safely surface, given the necessary support and opportunity for expression.


Concurrently, subcultural expression may increase cognitive diversity within the organisation. Such insights could be one answer to the problems associated with cognitive biases in workplaces. Moreover, growing workplace heterogeneity should lead to better exploration of subcultural perspectives, because organisations will soon have little choice if they wish to remain competitive. Australia's workforce heterogeneity will increase, and there is no reverse gear for this process.


To support my argument, I shall present sections of the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry (the Hayne Report), posing questions for the audience’s reflection and outlining how the suppression of workplace subcultures may lead to the decline of the corporate image and, possibly, the organisation itself.


Past Academic Presentations



October 2018 | Brisbane QLD, AUSTRALIA

Griffith University

“A Framework of Diversity & Inclusion Integration: A Qualitative Assessment of Schein’s Model”
Center For Work, Organisation & Wellbeing

Equity, Diversity and Gender in Employment (wEDGE)

Past Events



August 2019 | Brisbane QLD, AUSTRALIA

Brisbane City Council Inclusive Leadership Conference

"Bringing Your Whole Self to Work"



March 2019 | Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA

Institute of Managers & Leaders - The Prestigious & Iconic

“International Women’s Day Great Debate”



November 2018 | Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA

Konnect Learning - Diversity & Inclusion Summit “

Divergent Perspectives of Organisational Culture in The Workplace”


October 2018 | Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA

Australian Institute of Managers & Leaders, Leadership Matters Master Class:

Culture & Performance Panellist, Leading in 2025 and Beyond


October 2018 | Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA

Australian Institute of Managers & Leaders, Leadership Matters Master Class: Culture & Performance

“Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Cultural Integration”


October 2018 | Gold Coast QLD, AUSTRALIA

National Employment Solutions Conference

“Organisational Culture, Diversity and Inclusion – A Practical Guide”


September 2018 | Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA

Western Sydney University – Me Too Conference

“Rising To The Challenge To Promote Inclusion“


September 2018 | Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA

Australian Institute of Managers & Leaders, IML Conference, Leading Well - People & Performance

“Diversity and Inclusion, Strategic Integration and Measurement”


June 2018 | Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA

Aventedge Annual Diversity and Inclusion Conference
“A Framework of Organisational Culture, Diversity and Inclusion”


November 2017 | Gold Coast QLD, AUSTRALIA

National Employment Solutions Conference
“A Framework of Organisational Culture, Diversity and Inclusion”


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