InCulture Master Class

Organisational Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

The InCulture® Workplace Master Class was developed through comprehensive academic research. It is the first of its kind globally and is purposefully designed to create real change in matters of organisational culture, diversity and inclusion. The InCulture® Master Class will assist participants gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change to create an inclusive workplace. During this two and a half day experiential learning class, participants will apply the InCulture® methodology to their workplace. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of organisational culture, diversity and inclusion that will increase effective organisational performance.

GroupSmart Workshop

Cognitive Diversity

Diversity alone does not drive superior decision making in the workplace. The GroupSmart® framework is a process of uncovering diverse perspectives in teams that otherwise lie latent, thereby allowing organisations to build more strategically diverse and highly sophisticated teams. The application of a cognitive diversity framework where everyone has the opportunity to communicate, to be understood and to be valued means that our differences in perspective and our ability to leverage them through collaborative processes can be fully realised.  Harnessing these differences is fundamental to the ongoing and future success of organisations and the ability to adapt in a complex and rapidly changing business environment.